Sunday, July 5, 2009


During the wedding reception, I had sat next to the husband of one of my mom's cousins. His name is Rick. Rick and I were able to have a long conversation while we waited for our turn to go through the buffet line. Rick asked lots of questions about where we lived and what Ram did as pastor of a tri-parish and what I did as a pastor's wife. He didn't mean anything bad by asking if I really stayed at home and "just" took care of the Lambs. He continued to ask questions about what we did in our free time and who our friends were.
I took his questions seriously, but also answered what a blessing Loopers (Lutheran homeschool e-list) has been for me. There is only one other family our age in the tri-parish. Everyone else is 5o or older. Ram and I don't have friends in the area that are our age. My friends are either college friends that I rarely see or Loopers. I have met some Loopers and some are just "computer" friends.
Rick couldn't believe that I set up a park date on the way to the wedding and then planned to go to church and then spend the day after the wedding with another Looper family. In the conversation he never expected me to say I was happy with my "computer" friends and thrilled when I actually got to spend time with my Looper friends. I don't know what I would do out here in the middle of nowhere without my Looper friends. Plus the Lambs were able to play with kids on our trip. I have been part of Loopers for nearly 2 years, but it seems a lot longer than that.

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Glenda said...

And remember that anytime you need to get away with the Lambs and Ram will let you (or wants to come along to), my house is open and has plenty of room. Short notice is fine, the only time it wouldn't work is if I'm not here, but you have to call or email to find out those times.

Seriously I mean it. :-)