Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rehearsal Dinner and CA wedding

The rehearsal dinner was held at a barbeque restaurant. The groom's family was very friendly and so kind to allow all of our family to attend. The food was a buffet of barbequed foods. It was delicious. They had bandannas for napkins and cowboy hats for the children. The Lambs were excited they got to keep those. They played lots of cops and robbers in the hotel room. They played even more after we got home and had their police man uniform and ride on cars.

Our family after the rehearsal dinner. I heard that Ram was just like Lamb 1 and hated having his picture taken when he was a boy.
Lamb 2
The wedding was on Sunday afternoon. Sunday morning, some of Ram's cousins played with our boys. This photo was taken at the wedding reception where they continued to play with our boys. Annie is Adam's girlfriend and she was the most enthusiastic about playing with our boys. Annie helped the Lambs to run off a lot of energy. One of the groom's nephew's (a ring bearer), Lamb 1 and 2, and Annie are in this photo.

Don't tell anyone that we skipped church and played Duck, Duck, Goose on Sunday morning. Great Aunt Debbie even joined in for a little while. Lamb 3 wiped out on the patio and had a big bump on his head when we went to the wedding. After a long chat with relatives and the Lambs playing games, we walked down to a cute cafe and had a good lunch before the wedding.
All of Ram's mom's family at the wedding. All the siblings and their children and spouses and our children were at the wedding. This is quite impressive because we came from WA, several places in CA, ID, and MN.
Ram's mom with all her siblings
The bride's family (Ram's mom's sister's family)
Grandma and Grandpa with our family
Our family
The wedding and reception were held at a park. A Mexican restaurant catered it. It was a taco bar with great food. I've never seen a candy bar before. There were jars of candy and we were to fill our bags with candy for the ride home. Lamb 2 usually doesn't eat many sweets, but he finished the bag on the way home. Don't tell anyone that Ewe finished her bag too.
It was a little hard to manage all 3 Lambs at the wedding and reception, especially since the wedding was outside and not at a church. But that turned out to help us as there was lots of area for them to run around in during the reception. When they weren't sitting eating, we took turns watching them run around. We hadn't seen Ram's mom's family since Lamb 1 was a baby, so it was great that everyone was there and we were able to visit with them.

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