Sunday, July 19, 2009

CCA Photo-Finally!

Yea! Sandy was able to send me a photo to replace mine that didn't turn out. These are the Looper Mamas (and a few babies) at CCA in WI in June.
L-R Susan G, Glenda M, Sue M (in pink), Laura K, Ewe with Lamb 3, Deidre (hopefully I spelled that right), Kristie K, (we were able to have pizza with her family before Divine service that night), Fay E, Sandy R, Kathy M, and Erin S with Gus.

I hope that I got this all correct and if I didn't someone corrects me. Plus I hope this makes sense L-R-there weren't quite two rows of us. We may be missing someone as we took a photo with my camera and then many of us left and had to come back when Sandy brought her camera.

It was difficult to round all of us up from our conversations that night to get a photo. I was bummed that my photo didn't turn out. Sandy was the only other one that took a photo that night. Thankfully she sent me a copy of hers. I was only there on Wednesday night for Divine service and then we headed home. We didn't actually stay for CCA this year. There were probably many more Loopers that attended on Thursday and Friday when I didn't.

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Cheryl said...

Wish I could have been there Wednesday night! I missed you by about 12 hours, I guess!