Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ram's retreat

Ram attended an LCMS retreat at Holy Hill monastery in WI in June. We went along with him.

Our 3 Lambs and Lion Boy (Father and Mrs. Hollywood's son) at the retreat. It was bedtime and no one cooperated for a photo very well. I really had my hands full during the church service-in a strange chapel, Papa wasn't the pastor, different service than they are used to, it was bedtime, the service didn't start right away because we were late coming back from supper, etc. Mrs. Hollywood had it easy with just one child compared to my 3. We survived all the church services we went to this week, but this one was the one that my Lambs were the worst behaved. Thankfully I was able to hear some of the sermon and Father Hollywood posted it on his blog for the part that I wasn't able to hear.
Some of the men left early so here is a photo of some of them. Ram is in green.

Here's some more of us, Mrs. Hollywood took the photo.

Lamb 1, 2, and Lion Boy.

I took a few nice family photos with the beautiful background and we were all in green-they would have made a nice Christmas photo. Except the lens jammed and didn't open all the way. I lost several photos from the day before I realized it was broken. This one of Holy Hill monastery turned out ok-I think it is kind of cool how it is framed.
Ram really enjoyed his retreat and came back refreshed. It was a beautiful setting. I hadn't been there since I was in college.

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Erin said...

Isn't Holy Hill great? It is not very far from my parent's house (less than 5 miles). I've been there a million times, but the view and church itself still takes my breath away.
Why don't Lutherans build fantastic churches like that?