Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lamb 2's Godfather's Wedding

Ram had to stay home and work. Ewe, Ewe's parents, and the Lambs drove our minivan out to the Denver area for a wedding. The groom was my mom's cousin's son. He is also Lamb 2's godfather. Lamb 1 and 2 never called him by name, nor called him the groom, they always referrred to him as Lamb 2's godfather.

We weren't there for all the photos, but I was able to get one of my mom's cousin, the bride and groom, and my mom's cousin's wife
Here are all the relations to the groom. I didn't think to take a photo of the bridesmaids-you can see the groom's two sisters in the middle. The bridesmaids wore brown dresses and had purple flowers. Lamb 1 refused to be in the photo. The Lambs thought it was cool that the two brothers in purple (groom's cousins-not in wedding party) matched even though they were grown up. Maybe there is hope that I can continue to dress them alike? Probably not. We were pretty distant relatives-my mom enjoyed seeing her cousins from that side of the family. I hadn't seen most of these relatives since our wedding 7 1/2 years ago.

Lamb 2 with his godfather. He wasn't sure about this photo. Later the groom had time to talk to Lamb 2 alone. He was really good with him.

Drinking pop and eating wedding cake-when we were finally allowed to. Lamb 1 said it was mean to have cake that we could see but we had to wait to eat it. It was really good-strawberry filling, coconut on the outside.

This was the first wedding and reception that the Lambs ever attended. The rest of the trip they pretended to "play wedding".

Drinking apple cider while the adults had champagne during the speeches and toasts. Lamb 1 went over in the corner and pretended to serve communion with his champagne glass.

Lamb 2 with his apple cider The Lambs were very hot and tired so this was the best photo we could get. The photographer wanted each family photographed individually-we didn't even try. I had really wanted a photo of the Lambs with my parents, but that wasn't going to happen.

During the reception, we were table 9 out of 10 tables so we had to wait a long time to go through the buffet line. The Lambs wandered off and played with sticks and took walks with grandma and grandpa. After we ate the Lambs played with rocks. The boy here is Joseph. He tried to be patient, but Lamb 2 kept messing up his rock pile. Lamb 1 enjoyed playing with Joseph. I think Joseph and the Lambs were the only children at the wedding.

Here's the best photo of the Lambs with Joseph that I could get. Joseph has triplet siblings that are a little older than Lamb 3. He was really good with all the Lambs, especially with Lamb 3. Joseph's parents didn't attempt to bring the triplets to the wedding. I think Joseph enjoyed the time with his dad, alone. They were able to do some sightseeing while they were in the area.

The bride and groom are going to honeymoon at Yellowstone. Then they have to wait a few weeks before they are allowed to move in their new place. Jonathan is going to vicar (pastor intership) in the Green Bay, WI area. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Ripke God's blessings.

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