Sunday, July 5, 2009

Echo Virus

While we were on the farm field trip, I noticed Lamb 3 had a small rash on his arms. It looked like small dots. I figured either he was sensitive to walking through the grass or the heat bothered him.
The next day, we noticed all 3 Lambs had this rash, but Lamb 1 was the worst. It was nap time and we were getting ready to go to CO the next day. We decided Ram would take Lamb 1 to the doctor while the other Lambs took their nap. I thought they either had a heat rash or something like poison ivy from the farm.
Ram called me from the clinic with the bad news that the nurse didn't know what they had, but it wasn't anything like poison ivy. They had to wait to see the doctor or we wouldn't be able to travel.
The doctor said they had Echo Virus. The closest description was it was like rubella, but they were all vaccinated for rubella so it wasn't rubella. The doctor sent them for over the counter anti-itch medication and said it just needed to run it's course. 48-72 hours they would be fine. They may be itchy and grouchy until then.
I couldn't decide if we should go on the trip or not. It was extra late when I was packing and we got a late start the next morning, partly because I just wasn't sure what to do. The drive to Denver they were itchy and grouchy. They looked like they had the measles-especially Lamb 1. By the time we got to Denver the rash was almost all gone. I'm so glad we decided to go to the wedding even though they had a rash because by the wedding it was completely gone.
I was talking to our relatives when we got there about the Lambs and their rash and how we almost didn't come. Then I said I needed to get going so we could go swimming. My mom's cousin's son freaked out-"you're taking them swimming when they have a rash!" I assured him the doctor said we could travel and by this point it wasn't contagious any more.
I have no idea how they got this-I think they had it before the farm field trip. I don't know if they got it on our WI trip or somewhere else.
I just don't understand-the Lambs are not in daycare and we seem to always get things like this, Fifth Disease, etc. I want them to get chicken pox naturally and we can't seem to get that.
My poor parents had to travel with grouchy Lambs all the way to Denver because of the rash. Then on the way home they were grouchy because they were tired.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

That stinks! We ended up with pinkeye this summer--there's always some germ or another. Glad they got better so fast, though@!

Dakotapam said...

I think that actually kids who are not in daycare tend to get more viruses. The daycare kids build up immuities faster...not that that is a good reason to send them off:)

As for the chicken pox, set an age where you want them to get them by and then vaccinate. My mom tried exposing me for years...then I got them at 16. At 16 it is danger zone for pox. I was nearly hospitalized with fever and you name the body orifice and I had pox there, it was miserable.

When I had the boys I gave Andrew until age two and then got the rest immunized at 1. I know that they need boosters and it is not foolproof. But it is a low risk vaccine and with multiple kids they probably won't get them all at the same time, one tends to break out just as the other starts to could be looking at a good 6 weeks or more stuck at home. But it is totally up to you. With the vaccine being so widely used, the chances of the kids being exposed young is pretty slim.

I'm glad your guys are feeling better. We had fifths disease go through our house one year right before family came for the 4th of July...they freaked out a bit.

Working at a hospital has forced me to be a bit less germ phobic. I'm not sure that is a good thing, but I love having lots of people to bounce my many questions off of!