Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Since Ram attended his retreat, he felt we should head home and not stay for CCA this year. We were able to attend Divine Service on Wednesday evening. First we met the Kolb family and ate pizza with them. By the time the dads went for pizza and we ate, it was a mad dash to get everyone dressed and over to the church. We only had 3 Lambs to get ready and the Kolbs still beat us!

Unfortunately my camera was still broken so these are the two photos of the Loopers (homeschool Lutheran e-mail list) that were taken. One of the Loopers said I should say the "lurkers" didn't show up in the photo. I think between the two photos you can see most of the Loopers in the photo. I was really disappointed these didn't turn out. It was quite a feat to get all these Loopers gathered for a photo-especially when they were all involved in their own conversations. I tried to get a photo from the one other Looper that took a picture, but so far I haven't been able to get it. There were a few Loopers in this photo that I had never heard of-they hardly ever post. Although I knew almost everyone, it was fun to meet a few new faces.

This is my friend Leah from college. She is a pastor's wife in the same district as me, but I haven't seen her for over a year because I haven't attended conferences/conventions since Lamb 3 was born.

I taught with Kim in Fort Wayne. She now teaches at the church school that CCA is at.
Even though I didn't have much time, I enjoyed the evening reception after church and time to have short conversations with my Looper friends and other friends.


Erin said...

So sad the Looper picture didn't turn out. I've been stalking your blog to see it!

Glenda said...

It is sad the picture didn't turn out - there were so many there this year. But I do think it is kind of cool the way the picture did turn out, like a scroll that you can't unroll.

P.S. I enjoyed visiting at the pool with you too. :-)