Saturday, July 4, 2009

Farm Field Trip

The early childhood group in the town 7 miles away arranged a field trip to an organic farm near us called Earthrise Farm. We went on June 23, in between our vacation to WI and then to CO. My parents drove all day on Monday, June 22, to get here from IN. They were able to go on the field trip with us. We all enjoyed the evening at the farm even though it was really hot.
Ram with Lamb 3. Lamb 3 loves swings.
Checking out and tasting the herb garden

Lamb 2 with Lambs Ear plant-very soft

Ewe and Lamb 3 with Lamb's Ear
Grandpa with Lamb 2 by the grape vines
Lamb 2 feeding the goat purple flowers

Lamb 1 is afraid of animals, especially afraid that animals will lick him. He has never got this close to goats at the zoo. It was quite a feat for him to feed the goat. Later on he went back to feed the goats some more.
Lamb 1 eating strawberries in the strawberry patch. He tried to go back later for more, but we didn't let him.
Ram helping Lamb 2 in the strawberry patch
Lamb 2 eating a pink cupcake at the end of the field trip
We also listened to a story in a yurt, saw chickens and learned about chicken eggs, saw cats and kittens and dogs, and toured an old schoolhouse. We asked if we could buy some of those nice farm eggs and she gave us a couple dozen! It is quite a drive out there, but we are considering buying our eggs there. We eat a lot of eggs and WIC doesn't give us enough eggs. It would be wonderful to get the nice farm eggs. We all enjoyed the farm. The early childhood group is considering this to be an annual field trip. I don't know if the adults, the "farmers" or the children enjoyed the evening more!

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