Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Why does Lamb 2 get up 4 times in the night when Lamb 3 actually sleeps through the night?

(Lamb 3 slept through the night for several months after we brought him home from the hospital. When he started teething, sleeping through the night ended. A few months ago I quit nursing him in the middle of the night, but still was up with him at least once a night. It was usually 2am. We've been battling colds and minor fevers. I think Lamb 2 didn't feel well and that was the reason for all the night waking. Lamb 3 slept through the night for the first time in months. I think that was because he was sick too. I'm hoping to get them all in to the chiropractor today. Hopefully the chiropractor will help them all without changing Lamb 3 sleeping through the night. We can hope...)

This is going to be a long day between the last summer library storytime (they get very excited!), the Lambs are tired and grouchy from being sick, getting up 4 times last night with Lamb 2, and trying to work on the tons of peaches here (actually it's only 34 lbs worth!).

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