Monday, July 6, 2009

Embassy Suites

My mom's side of the family stayed at Embassy Suites for the wedding. We stayed there two nights. It was a beautiful hotel with very nice suite rooms. They have a great breakfast-omelets cooked to order. When we went to CA last fall, the Embassy Suites that we stayed at had a pond with fish. The Lambs hurried to eat their breakfast there so they could watch the fish. They were hoping this hotel would have fish. It didn't. It had a fountain. The Lambs hurried to eat their breakfast so they could walk across the rocks by the fountain. I'm sure the people that designed this fountain never intended for Lambs to be walking across the rocks!

Lamb 2 wasn't very steady and got his feet wet a few times. I was sure he was going to get soaked, but he didn't.
Lamb 1 was better than Lamb 2

The best photo of the Lambs that I could take on the bridge across the water

Thank you Embassy Suites, for the entertainment inside your hotels for our Lambs!

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