Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More about our CA trip

I'm finally getting to post about our trip to CA again. The Lambs loved all the flowers in CA. Unfortunately here in MN, we let them pick flowers that are weeds like dandelions. We never did get them to understand that they can't pick the flowers in front of our hotel and other businesses we went to.

Lamb 1 and 2 picking "just a few" flowers for Mama and Grandma.
Lamb 3 had to copy his big brothers.

Ram with Lamb 3.
After our sightseeing on that Friday when we went to the city, we went to a Mediterranean restaurant that was just about a block away from our hotel. It was delicious. It was pleasant weather for a walk down there too.

Lamb 1 and 2 with Grandma, walking home from dinner.

Most nights we went downstairs at the hotel and had treats at Happy Hour. Lamb 1 especially liked the Shirley Temples. They had wonderful food too. Great cheeses and crackers, lots of fresh fruit, chips and salsa, fresh veggies and dips, etc.

Lamb 1 was looking forward to the elevator at the hotel. Lamb 3 also enjoyed the elevator. We were on the 6th floor so they were able to take lots of elevator rides. They enjoyed looking out the clear glass on the elevator.

This was taken in the hotel lobby. This was the best photo I could get of the Lambs-too much to look at. The hotel was really busy, especially on the weekend. There was a huge family reunion, and several wedding parties and guests.

The Lambs loved watching the fish in the hotel lobby. We did our best to keep the Lambs from going swimming with the fish! All 3 Lambs were difficult to handle in the hotel lobby-too much to see and too much room to run around.

The Lambs were happy that this Embassy Suites had fish, just like the other Embassy Suites that we stayed at in L.A. area.
The hotel we stayed at was fine, and this is not a complaint as much as a statement. The breakfast area was far too small for the amount of guests. It was the worst on the weekend, but it was bad every day we were there. Most guests want a nice breakfast because made-to-order omelets are advertised as a perk of staying at Embassy Suites. We had to wait for a table, then wait in long lines for food, and wait for a high chair, etc. all while keeping track of the Lambs and getting food for everyone and helping everyone get their food cut up etc. The rooms at the other Embassy Suites I've stayed at were nicer too, even though our room was adequate. This was a one time event for us to go to San Francisco area for Ram's cousin's wedding. I'm thankful that the Embassy Suites that we prefer is the one in the L.A. area that we go to more often, when we visit Ram's grandparents.
Hopefully tomorrow I'll post about the rehersal dinner and wedding. After all, that is the real reason we went to CA!

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