Friday, July 24, 2009

Dental visit today

Today it was Ewe's turn to go to the dentist. We go to the dentist 15 miles away so to drive there, get my teeth cleaned, and drive home is almost a 2 hour break from the Lambs. It's great that all the Lambs are old enough for me to leave them with Ram to go to the dentist. I was looking forward to reading a book or magazine in the waiting room. Unfortunately the dental hygienist met me at the door before I even sat down. So I didn't get any reading time there.
I always do well brushing and flossing right before and after I go to the dentist. But I get lazy and don't do well in the in between time. I told the dental hygienist I was willing to get my lecture, as I hadn't done so well.
Everything went well. She said my gums looked good, x-rays looked good, and I was worried for nothing. She cleaned them well. For the first time since Lamb 1 was born (5 years ago), I didn't need fluoride! This is good because insurance doesn't pay for fluoride for me. It's also good that after pregnancy and breastfeeding 3 Lambs, my teeth have finally "recovered".
When the dentist came in to check, he said he only says "excellent teeth" about once every 2 weeks-and I was one of those with excellent teeth! He said I must have had good habits as a child and lived in a town with good fluoride in the drinking water as a child.
I'm pretty sure my town had good fluoride in the drinking water, and I know it did when I moved to Fort Wayne, IN when I was in high school. My parents also had a rule-no brushing teeth at night time= no sweets the next day. There were a few times where they made me refuse treats (it was the worst when we were at another house and they were offering me sweets!) and that seemed to take care of it.
Ram has never had a cavity and I only had two right when my adult teeth came in-I think I was about 12. It's a sad commentary on Americans that this isn't normal for everyone.
Now I'm motivated to be good about flossing/brushing for a while after my checkup today. And I think it's funny that I can blog this much about a 1 hour dental checkup-that is what is happening in my life right now!

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