Saturday, July 4, 2009

Dental visit

Lamb 1 has caps on his teeth so he goes to a pediatric dentist 3 hours away. When Lamb 2 turned 2 we began taking him to the same dentist. They had an appointment the beginning of May, but the dentist canceled it due to a death in his family. Yesterday was the first opening for them.
Good news-the areas of Lamb 1's mouth that the dentist has been concerned about since he got caps on his teeth are very healthy! He had a few areas (not where the caps were) that we were told to brush extra well and they looked good to the dentist.
Extra great news-Lamb 1's bottom front teeth are starting to get loose. We didn't notice it, but the dentist did. After the bottom front teeth fall out, then the top front teeth will. We're getting closer to being done with caps. That means we're getting closer to allowing sticky foods like lollipops again. It has been difficult to say no to Lamb 1 for things like Rice Krispie treats.
More good news-Lamb 2's teeth looked good as always.

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