Thursday, July 30, 2009

Great Aunt Marie's House

The day after the wedding, we went over to Ram's aunt's house. Some of the family had to leave, but most of the family was able to go over for the afternoon. Aunt Marie was in a great mood. She had one daughter get married last year, and one daughter get married that weekend. She still has one boy and one girl left. Boys and weddings don't involve as much. The last girl has Down's Syndrome. They joke that if she ever gets married, they will have pizza and Slurpies because that's what she wants. She was thrilled to be done with the wedding planning. It's crazy to have two weddings in less than a year! We ordered sub sandwiches and Aunt Marie had some chips and salsa etc. to go with them. It was great to talk to the family as everyone was busy with the wedding and it was the first chance we really had to chat. The bride and groom came home for a little bit so that she could pack for her honeymoon, but they were busy and we only talked to them for a little bit. We laughed because they opened up the cards to get some cash for the trip, but they waited to open up presents. They talked about how nice it was that the reception ended early (I think about 9pm) so they were able to go to the hotel and get some rest. The next day they took a middle of the night flight-first to FL and then to Jamaica if I remember right.

Great Uncle Dan brought a fun beanbag game for the adults but the Lambs tried it out.

Great Uncle Hal (the bride's dad) worked very hard to put in this beautiful waterfall and plants in their backyard. I can't imagine how much it work it was to carry all those rocks and put them in place. He had an "expert" check it out after he was finished. The expert said it would cost about $50,000 to have professionals put this water feature in. He also said Hal did a great job and did everything right. That made Hal feel good to know that everything was draining correctly etc. Cousin Adam was very patient taking the Lambs up the hill so they could see the water. Here he took Lamb 1 and 3 at the same time.

Cousin Adam was impressed that Lamb 3 could handle walking up the steep hill with just a little help. Lamb 3 was determined.

Papa also took trips up the hill with the Lambs. Here he is with Lamb 2.

Cousin Jenna took the Lambs up a few times. Here she is with Lamb 1. Jenna helped Lamb 1 walk across one part of the rocks too.

It was an enjoyable afternoon at Marie and Hal's home! Hopefully tomorrow I can post some final thoughts about our CA trip. I'm out of pictures to post from that trip though!

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