Thursday, April 29, 2010

A little progress

Lamb 1 has been scared talk to the bank tellers when we go to the bank. I think it started when one bank event had a costumed character, but that is another story. This week is "teach your child to save" week at our bank. They have different activities each day with extra treats for making deposits. On Monday, if you told a joke or sang a song or something like that, you got a treat. Monday we didn't make it to the bank before closing time. I didn't expect him to even talk at the bank so I wasn't too worried about missing Monday, especially because there were other days this week to go get prizes. Lamb 1 was very upset. We couldn't do today's activity (bring your grandparent to the bank) so we went today and I explained that we missed Monday and we had a poem to recite. Lamb 1 led the poem and Lamb 2 said it with him. Two bank tellers stopped to listen and were impressed that they said the whole poem. One asked who taught the poem to him and Lamb 1 looked at her like she was crazy to not know that Mama was his teacher! I was very proud of Lamb 1 for not getting shy, reciting the whole poem, and answering the teller's questions. It helped that he had warning that he was going to need to talk at the bank and that he would receive a prize! The Lambs were given small footballs for a prize for reciting the poem. Then she gave them Frisbees because they made a deposit today even though they didn't bring a grandparent in. Tomorrow is the last activity, if they can tell a President on a coin or bill then they will receive another prize. I love small town banks and the attention they give to our Lambs!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Happy Birthday Ram!

*Photos to follow later today or tomorrow. We've already had a busy day-open presents, Ram nursing home visits today, parsonage trustee come and make some repairs on the house to get it up to code for insurance, and Spanish class tonight. Now it's time to frost the cake! On the menu tonight (Ram's request!) BLT sandwiches and banana cake (from Erin's recipe).

Also today would have been Harrison's 12th birthday. His family is in our thoughts and prayers today. I'll force myself to have another piece of cake in his honor today!

I like this part of the year because it seems like I'm only 1 year older than Ram! Ram's mom gave him just what he wanted for his birthday-lots of books!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

29th Week of School

We did some school this week. We were all too sick to have school on Tuesday and I was too sick to have school on Thursday. We had school the rest of the days this week. Our babysitter didn't come when we were sick. Here's what we accomplished.
Math: Continued to work on lesson 18 MUS-almost done. We checked out a kit from the library that had addition and subtraction activities that was very good for the Lambs. I was afraid we would lose the small pieces (or a Lamb would eat them), but that's another story.
Reading: Lamb 2 chose a Richard Scarry book from the library last time so it started a "read all the Richard Scarry books that we own" phase at our house. We read some My Book House volume 3 and also recited all the poetry we learned this year. We read Storm in the Night but we did not do any FIAR activities with it. We read The Gingerbread Man many times this week because Lamb 3 likes to say "RUN, RUN".
Science: We read some books about parts of a plant.
Religion: We did the Bible story "A Miraculous Catch of Fish" that they missed in Sunday School last week.
Spanish: We reviewed what we learned in class but we were unable to attend this week because we were sick.
Music: We continue to learn instruments and listen to them in The Story of the Orchestra.
Phonics/Handwriting/History are all taking a break right now-hopefully we can accomplish more this week when we feel better.
We have also been doing two other tasks this week-
1. I chose a stack of about 30 books that were rarely read in our house and each night the Lambs pick a few of those to read. If they seem interested in the book they go back on the shelf-if not, we put them in the give away pile. So far only a couple have made it back on the shelf. I will have a whole post about our children's books soon.
2. I've been going through my teaching files for activities/bulletin boards for holidays. Lamb 1 has been thrilled to do this "extra work" when I had extra copies. I am almost done with May (going in Jan-Dec order). My biggest files are Sept-Dec, so those will take longer than the first ones.
Now we're off to celebrate Ram's birthday coming up this week. The calendar is pretty calm this week so hopefully we can get lots accomplished in homeschool.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Homeschool Name and Legos

Loopers recently talked about their name of their homeschool. A few said they were named Good Shepherd Lutheran. I liked that because of our blog, but I wanted a Latin name. Ram was filling out a form to get some free Legos for the Lambs and he needed a name of our school. He decided to name us Agnus Dei Lutheran Academy. I don't know if we will keep the name, but I like it.

The Legos arrived and Lamb 1's first question was "What do I build with them?" He's had a few of the basic sets that build something like an airplane. He was surprised that you could use your imagination to build whatever you want with Legos! Lamb 1 and 2 have been sharing this small free set. Maybe we'll have to put Legos on our Christmas wish list.

Friday, April 23, 2010

People who live in the Parsonage

We ran into a former pastor of our church when we were in town today. His family was the first to live in the "new" parsonage that we live in now. He talked about where his garden was located and what a nice raspberry patch he had, with "big plump juicy berries". He asked if we had a washer and dryer in the basement. I told him I couldn't imagine going to the laundry mat 7 miles away! One of the first things we did here was to purchase a used washer and dryer and that was before we had children.
It made me think that usually pastor's families don't hear much about former pastor's families that lived in your house. The pastor either takes another Call or retires and moves away. I know not all pastor's live in a parsonage. But it is interesting to me to imagine where this pastor I was talking to today put his large family in this house. I imagine he had a girl's room and a boy's room, but I don't know that for sure. When they built this house he "designed" a root cellar type of room in the basement.
One of the back rooms here has a large cupboard built into the wall that I use to store my scrapbook supplies. A pastor that visited for a church anniversary a few years ago told me that was the "playroom" and their children would climb up in that cupboard like it was a treehouse or a little house. He also told me that they didn't have air conditioning and I can't even imagine living here without it!
Our kitchen is adequate, but does not have nearly enough cupboards for me. But I have very few complaints about the rest of our parsonage. We have lots of closets with a light in each of them. The boys like the full basement to play in. I like the space with 4 bedrooms.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Today and My Lambs

Today is Ram's dad's birthday. Happy Birthday! We sent his card late and he was on a business trip so we didn't get to talk to him on the phone. But we had a long chat with his mom instead. I love my MIL-it's great to talk to someone that also had 3 boys!

Ram and I were so sick from Monday afternoon until this afternoon. Even when I was done throwing up, my head hurt terrible-not really a headache as much as being in a total fog. My blood pressure was pretty high this afternoon which would explain that "fog". The Lambs weren't perfect while Ram and Ewe were sick and we did have our share of discipline to deal with even while we were sick, but overall they did really well. We didn't allow them to go outside while we were really sick and couldn't supervise them and they hate not going outside. We had school on Monday and Wednesday, but I was too sick to teach school on Tuesday and today. Maybe Lamb 1 was missing school time, but I caught him doing these 2 "activities" that I just had to share here!
1. He chose a large book off the shelf and decided to "read the numbers" to me in the table of contents. I had never attempted to teach him to read numbers past 100. He started reading "447" in this table of contents. He didn't get all the numbers correct and I was too sick to use this teachable moment, but I was impressed. Now that I feel better, I'll have to work with him on this later this week.
2. Lamb 1 was asking a lot of questions that I was too sick to answer. Questions about when I expected him to finish his math book; when we would take a summer break; when Lamb 2 would begin doing math in school; and when Lamb 3 would begin doing more school with us, etc. He didn't like my answers that when he finished his math book, we would purchase another one; that we aren't taking a summer break, we only break for going to CA and vacations like that; that Lamb 3 would do more, but not as much as Lamb 1 and 2 next fall; and that Lamb 2 couldn't do math until he could write his numbers from 0-9. So Lamb 1 decided right then to teach Lamb 2 to write his numbers. He soon found that was very difficult! So then he decided to teach Lamb 2 to draw some shapes (rectangle, square, circle, etc.). He had worked hard on making some worksheets for Lamb 2 to write his numbers and then he switched to shapes. He told me he wanted Lamb 2 to "learn some math" even if writing numbers was too difficult. Lamb 3 was watching all this and he was thrilled when Lamb 1 helped him hold a pencil and draw some shapes too. Lamb 1 was very good about giving both Lamb 2 and Lamb 3 praise and encouraging them in their math.

I worked on dishes and laundry all day to try to catch up from our sickness. I'm glad that I finally feel better and "out of the fog". Erin told me she had 17 loads of laundry to do after their family was sick. I didn't have that much laundry, but the laundry I had was gross. But I probably had that many loads of dishes!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Warning: This post is disgusting!
On Friday night we got home really late and I felt dizzy as we unloaded the car. I thought I was just overtired.
On Sunday Lamb 2 threw up multiple times. He was fine by bedtime. After I put the boys to bed I felt sick, but before I went to bed, I felt better.
On Monday I felt sick in the afternoon. Our nightmare of a night began then. Ram took turns on the toilet and throwing up and sometimes both at once. I felt like I needed to throw up, but I couldn't. Lamb 1 threw up in a bowl while Ram was on the toilet, and I had put my bowl down to help Lamb 1 so I ended up throwing up in the bathroom sink. In the middle of the night then Lamb 3 joined us. I spent the entire night helping Lamb 1, then Lamb 3, then throwing up myself, and listening to Ram. Ram helped as much as he could but he was in worse shape than I was. The only good thing was Lamb 2 slept through most of this and never threw up last night.
I finally got the idea to put a disposable changing pad under Lamb 3 in the pack n play. Then we he threw up I just changed pads. He had no idea how to throw up in a bowl and was too tired to barely sit up to puke.
The Lambs slept in a little bit this morning, but now they are playing and fine. Our house is a disaster-lots of dishes to do but I can't go in the kitchen without puking. The bathroom has tons of laundry but I don't have the energy to take it downstairs and start the washer. And there is trash everywhere from these disposable changing pads etc.
Ram and I need to figure out what to feed the Lambs as it's 12:30 and they haven't had anything besides drink this morning.
We have never all been sick at once. Ram called and canceled his nursing home visits today. Hopefully he can get his sermon written for the funeral tomorrow. Ram and I both ache all over.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

28th Week of School Report

We had school every day except for Friday and Saturday last week. On Friday Lamb 1 went to the dentist and on Saturday we relaxed after our long day on Friday. Here's what we accomplished last week. Our babysitter came and we had Spanish class on Tuesday. We worked on getting the garden ready to plant on Wednesday and Thursday. The Lambs played outside a lot all week with the beautiful weather. This coming week Ram has a funeral, an appointment for our recalled Toyota, and a one day conference. We should be able to do a lot of school in the morning and work on the garden in the afternoon this week while Ram is so busy. Lamb 2 vomited a little bit this morning so we didn't go to church-hopefully he's just tired from Friday and we're not starting a new round of sickness in our home this week!
Math: We finished MUS lesson 17 and began lesson 18. Lamb 1 began subtraction this week. After many lessons building a foundation for this, it was easy for him. I was glad for the change because addition was getting a little challenging for him so he could use a change now.
Reading: We continue to read My Book House. We were waiting for some FIAR books we requested at the library so we didn't do any FIAR this week. I picked up 3 FIAR library books on Saturday so we'll continue this week. We did not do any new poems this week.
Spanish: We did not do Latin this week while we are attending Spanish class. We continue to learn the alphabet, colors, numbers, and body parts (eyes, nose, mouth etc.) in Spanish. We played Uno several times this week too.
Phonics/Religion/History/Science: We still are taking a break from these subjects. I hope to pull out some more books for history and science this week.
Music: We continue reading and listening to The Story of the Orchestra. We are currently doing percussion instruments now.
Art: We read Hana in the Time of the Tulips by Noyes. I thought it was a book about art (Rembrandt), but it was a history book too. They did a few craft projects at Spanish class. They have been going to the park with their babysitter instead of painting or play doh.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ice Cream

Yesterday we took Lamb 1 to the dentist to get two fillings. We left our house at about 8am and didn't get home until 1am. It is a 3 hour drive to the pediatric dentist and then we had shopping to do too.
Lamb 1 did great at the dentist and we decided when his mouth didn't feel numb that we should go for ice cream. We asked and no one could tell us where an ice cream shop was other than Coldstone Creamery. We later remembered that we knew where Culvers was, but we forgot about that at the time. I don't like Coldstone Creamery because it is so expensive. Plus the combinations that they suggest on the wall don't even sound good.
We ordered 3 kids dishes and 1 small dish for Ram (all plain-no mix ins). I made the mistake of ordering a small Very Vanilla shake. I didn't read the menu very well and not only was my shake very expensive, but it wasn't just a vanilla shake, it was a carmel shake. Except for my shake there was no way that we could have gotten ice cream there any cheaper than our small plain ice cream. Our bill was $13.50. While we were sitting there eating the ice cream, I thought of how our grandparents never ever would have spent as much money as people spend at Coldstone Creamery-probably not on an entire evening's activity-and how people spend that much on ice cream today, usually after going out to eat or going to the movie or another activity. Ram commented that his dad would not approve of spending that much money on ice cream or maybe he would do it just once for a very special treat for his grandboys. That comment is coming about his dad that doesn't have to pinch pennies like we do and also likes to spoil his grandboys a little bit. All this just shows one more example of what is happening to the American economy today. My sister said that she only goes to Coldstone Creamery if she goes on a date and she doesn't have to pay and she never orders the suggestions on the wall. Maybe that's the right way to go there!
We did much better at Toys R Us and used our birthday coupons to get a few small treats for the boys and a gift for a friend too. The Lambs got free paper crowns and balloons at Toys R Us to make them even more happy.
The Lambs are playing with their new toys and Ram had to go visit a member in the hospital this morning. I'm trying to get everything ready so I can go to scrapbooking this afternoon. I was supposed to go all day but Ram had to go to the hospital and I was tired from yesterday too.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tax Day

Esther posted this question today so I'm using it as my idea for a post today.

Did you receive a refund or did you owe?

We send our taxes to a wonderful accountant that specializes in church workers in Fort Wayne, IN. We have had a pattern the last few years of the years that we had a baby we got a huge refund and the years that we didn't have a baby, we owed. I still don't know why it was working out this way-maybe we spent more of our housing allowance the years that we had a baby? Since we didn't have a baby last year, I expected to owe.

We pay estimated taxes each quarter because pastors are considered self employed. For Federal we are receiving ALL of that estimated taxes that we paid back in our refund plus another $905. We did not pay any estimated taxes to the state. We are receiving $777 refund from the state.

1. Thank you to the Congress for part of this refund because Ram bought a new car last year.
2. Thank you to President Bush and the prior Congress for most of this refund.

It bugs me when people say they are getting a huge refund and they have an excuse to make big purchases with their refund. The refund was their money that they earned, the government either kept it out of their check or they paid estimated taxes and the government had their money. While the government had their money they didn't get any interest or get to invest their money. The government was their savings account without any interest for that year. But in our case this year, our refund really was $905 and $777 MORE than we paid in. We haven't received our refund yet, but it will probably be spent on medical bills that we know are coming.

Our state refund was interesting to me, especially because we did not pay any money in estimated taxes. Of course it is more complicated than this, but $25 was "lower income motor fuels tax credit" and $752 was "Minnesota working family credit" for our 3 Lambs.

Unfortunately, my sister did not do so well. She had several jobs last year that all pay a little more than minimum wage and no benefits. She has had a lot of medical bills after her knee surgeries. She works as a church secretary for one of her jobs and that is considered self employed. She owes $900 even after all of her jobs besides church secretary withheld taxes for her. She currently doesn't have a job (besides the church secretary) and has no money to pay this $900. It just shows how messed up this whole tax system is. Unfortunately, I think the current Congress is going to make it worse for ALL of us and we are very close to the end of refunds like my family received this year.

I read on the internet that a lot of stores/restaurants are having good deals today in honor of tax day. We live too far away to take advantage of the deals, but check it out if you plan to go to Starbucks or McDonalds or other places.

So, did you receive a refund or did you owe?

Our other good news-I'm not sure if it was last night or today (because it was around midnight), but a baby girl was born in our tri-parish last night. This is a big deal because this is only the 3rd baby besides our Lambs that has been born while we have been here the last 7 years. Ram has done some other baptisms for grandchildren that want to be baptized at their home church, but there are only 2 active families in our church with young children besides our family. Of course Ram took the message and didn't ask what the name of the baby was, but he'll visit them soon and I'll find out!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Results are in...

I received a letter from the doctor yesterday. My lab tests are back and everything was normal except my Factor II analysis had two separate mutations. This puts me at a higher risk of miscarriages. The doctor recommends either Heparin or Lovenox injections (blood thinner)during future pregnancies. I am currently against this both because I don't want to take injections and the logistics of living 2-3 hours away from any specialist doctors. Do any of you have any advice on this? Please leave a comment if you can. I will need to ask my doctor more questions before we make a decision.

My TSH thyroid level was low and close to what my levels were when I've had it drawn recently for my thyroid doctor. So I continue to wait a few months to see if my levels recover after the miscarriage. I have an appointment to see the thyroid doctor the beginning of June.

Interesting, the same day that I received this letter about my lab results, Pastor Harrison posted this on his blog. I remember when Pastor Harrison and his wife Kathy had a miscarriage while he was my pastor. It really was one of those times that I didn't know what to say. The words he posted from Luther are such a comfort. I pray that his post is helpful for many people.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cookie Monster

We don't have TV and even when we did, the Lambs rarely watched Sesame Street. When I was little I watched Mr. Rogers, but I rarely watched Sesame Street. We went to the library on Saturday and I let the Lambs each pick one book to check out. The Lambs do know who the Sesame Street characters are from the Pampers they wore when I didn't use cloth diapers and we also have a few books with Sesame Street characters. Lamb 3 chose a book called Food! by Cookie Monster.
Reasons why I didn't like this book-
1. Bad grammar-continually uses "me" instead of "I". "Me love healthy food!"
2. I thought the point of the book was to teach there are healthy foods instead of just eating cookies all the time. Some of the healthy foods it shows him eating are pizza, a huge hero sandwich, birthday cake, and movie popcorn. Pizza can be homemade and made healthy, but they missed a great chance to show Cookie Monster eating lots of fruits and veggies to encourage children to eat healthy.
3. Lamb 3 just turned 2 and he wasn't very interested in this book like he is when we read some of the classics like Goodnight Moon! If it isn't interesting for a 2 year old, what age group would this book be for?
This experience is why we rarely use the library even though we homeschool. We have a better library at home. I'm not sure I would allow the Lambs to watch Sesame Street if we had TV. Or maybe I would purchase the old Sesame Street DVDs and not allow them to watch the new modern ones.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

26th and 27th Week of School Report

We took a short Easter break so I am posting about 2 weeks of school this time.
Week 26: Ewe went to the doctor on Monday so no school, we had school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. We took a break on Good Friday and Holy Saturday. The last ECFE was on Tuesday and the theme was "the world". On Saturday we went to a parade to welcome home the troops and also celebrated Lamb 3's birthday.
Week 27: We went to see an author on Monday, we had school every other day this week. Lamb 1 and 2 began Spanish class on Tuesday. On Saturday we tried to go to library storytime but they canceled it because no one had been showing up for so long.
Math: Lamb 1 finished MUS lesson 16 and began lesson 17. He is getting to more difficult addition problems and the challenge is good for him.
Handwriting: We took a break from handwriting. I tried to keep school short during Holy Week.
Reading: We continue to read aloud My Book House volume 3. We read Papa Piccolo and Cranberry Thanksgiving (FIAR) but we didn't do any activities with them. We made cranberry bread. We did not start memorizing any new poems.
Phonics and Religion: We took a break from both of these.
Spanish: We are learning numbers and colors. We are not doing Latin during the month of April while we were working on Spanish. We played Uno several times at home.
Science and History: We took a break from both of these.
Music: We continue to read from The Story of the Orchestra and listen to the CD section with it. We are listening and learning about brass instruments now.
Art: They painted at ECFE and at Spanish. The author we went to see taught them how to draw some animals. Lamb 1 has been practicing what she taught them.
Author: We went to see Nancy Carlson speak. She did a great job talking about what an author and illustrator does. I'll try to have another post about this soon. I was glad to take the Lambs on a real field trip as our rural area doesn't have many chances like this.
With our long weekend break, it seems like we didn't have much school. It has been beautiful weather so I also wanted the Lambs to play outside as much as possible. We'll try to get back into our routine this week.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ram and Ewe's date

Last Saturday, while my parents were here, we put the Lambs to bed a little early and went out without them. First we went to church, Easter Vigil service, about 45 minutes away. It was wonderful to be at that whole long service without any Lambs to watch during the service! I love the Easter Vigil service-they had a small fire pit outside and then the beautiful readings and Holy Communion and some of my favorite hymns.
Then we were the last customers at this local Italian restaurant (in the same town as the church). We had lobster dip and this fancy chocolate dessert. It was so wonderful to have hot cheese dip (Lamb 1 hates hot cheese) and our chocolate dessert had small pieces of toffee on top (Lamb 1 can't have because of his caps on his teeth). The staff was busy getting ready for an Easter buffet so we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves. Then we still had the 45 minute car ride home.
We haven't even gone out without the Lambs once a year in the past 6 years. I could name our few dates since Lamb 1 was born-one movie while we were at my parents when Lamb 1 was a toddler; once or maybe twice out to eat when my parents watched Lamb 1 and 2 before Lamb 3 was born; one day out to a bookstore and out to eat with just Lamb 3 while my parents watched Lamb 1 and 2; and once out to eat with just Lamb 3 while my parents watched Lamb 1 and 2. I have a babysitter come once a week and I attempt to get something done while she is here. She has offered to babysit for us to go out for an evening. I think we'll have to take her up on that deal! The Lambs love our babysitter too.
I expected Lamb 3 to have the most difficult time with us gone because we had never left him and both gone out (with the exception of my doctor visits a few months ago while Ram was at his grandpa's funeral). Lamb 3 just laid in his bed very quiet until he fell asleep. Lamb 2 was his usual pain at bedtime-going to the bathroom several times before he settled down. Lamb 1 was the one that had a total fit when he figured out we left. "I want my Mama!" Grandpa was able to talk to him calmly and soon after his talk with Grandpa he also fell asleep. Grandpa and Grandma were glad to babysit and give us a chance to go out. Grandma was glad that Grandpa was able to calm Lamb 1 down!
We were all exhausted after Easter morning services, especially because we had been out late on Saturday night, but Ram and I thought our date night was worth the exhaustion the next day!

Friday, April 9, 2010


Lamb 1 and 2 have been playing outside a lot recently during our nice weather. I gave them some old sippy cups to use as pots and they have been filling them with dirt and planting pinecones or other small items. It's too early to plant our real garden, but they have fun with their pretend garden. On Wednesday we had a problem with being sneaky and coming inside and filling their pots with water from the basement bathroom. That sink is full of dirt now. Yesterday, I was glad we had that problem solved-no coming inside once you are outside. But yesterday, the Lambs could not get along at all. Lamb 2 usually started it with poking Lamb 1 with sticks. I was interrupted multiple times to take care of it. I kept watching out the window. Finally I saw Lamb 1 beating up Lamb 2. They were rolling around in the grass and pulling on whichever limb of their brother they could reach the fastest. Between the time I saw the Lambs doing this and the time I got to the back door to yell at them, Lamb 1 had picked up part of the drain pipe and was getting ready to hit Lamb 2 with it. They both had to come inside immediately. Lamb 2 was tired of playing outside and he went and played in the living room. Lamb 1 was very upset and everything was Lamb 2's fault and he had a major tantrum in his room before he came out. I didn't say a word at this time.
Lamb 1 happened to pick a book for bedtime about sharing and taking turns. After reading the book then I used that as a chance to talk to the boys about playing outside earlier that day. Of course both were ready to blame the other, but neither could think of anything they themselves had done wrong outside. I finally drug the story out of both of them-thankfully I had watched them out the window enough to give them prompts. Lamb 1 declared that they should have the punishment of not playing outside the next day. I said they could play outside after they picked up all the sticks in the yard. So today they will be busy picking up sticks.
Ram is home a lot so I don't have to deal with issues like this by myself very often. I was trying to get a lot of other things done yesterday and didn't have time to come up with a plan while they were outside. But looking back, I think that it all worked out wonderful. We didn't deal with it while everyone was angry. Waiting and then discussing it went much better. They are looking forward to working together to pick up sticks today. Plus our yard will be ready to mow.
I don't have any brothers so sometimes I don't feel prepared to be a Mama to boys. Sometimes I don't know what God was thinking to give me 3 boys! Yesterday is one example that I really can do this.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


One friend had tornado warnings in her area last night and another friend had snow today. After the worst winter with snow since we moved here 7 years ago, I'm glad it wasn't us. I was getting a little jealous when friends were blogging about putting their gardens in and we still had a lot of snow in our gardens. I was also sick of reading blogs that bragged about their nice weather with much higher temperatures. My mom has daffodils up now and our tulips just have a small green part above the ground.
On Easter I heard lots of birds when I woke up. Before this I had just heard one or two birds in the morning, so it was a joyous sound. I just noticed today the grass is finally green. I'm hoping that we get a spring this year and don't just jump ahead to summer! I'm still going to wait more than a month to put my garden in though...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Easter outfit

When my sister was here in March, I asked her to help me find an Easter dress. My question for her was, do you find the dress or the hat first? I ended up finding this dress at Coldwater Creek. It was expensive for what I usually spend on myself, especially considering shipping was expensive. Shortly after I bought the dress, they had a sale on everything on their site. When I looked then, they were sold out of all sizes of this dress except for one petite size. I was so glad I bought the dress when I did, and didn't wait. The dress was a little lower cut and sleeveless that I didn't like. So I solved that by wearing a sweater and next time I will safety pin it. It's not a good combination to be low cut and have a 2 year old!
I bought the hat from The regular shipping was more than the hat. It took a long time to come after I ordered it and I was getting nervous that it wouldn't be here in time. Finally Ram e-mailed them and asked where it was. It came the day after he sent the e-mail. They had all kinds of hats and if you're willing to pay the shipping and wait, they are nice hats.
When I walked into church, the ladies were so surprised that I had a new outfit. I told them this was the first dress I had bought in over 7 years that wasn't a maternity dress or for nursing. It was the first dress that I bought new in a very long time-probably 10 years. I hate ironing, so I probably will only wear it a few times a year, but it was so nice to get a treat for myself.
Ram surprised me with the corsage. We had a very busy day on Holy Saturday and he fit in time to go to the flower shop. The corsage didn't work too well while holding a 2 year old-I'm almost dropping him in some of the photos-but it was a nice treat from Ram. I haven't had a corsage since high school!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter bonnets

Last Easter Redeemer Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne had the ladies wear hats and they took a photo. The Lutheran Witness did a story about this. Our country church decided to join in the fun this year. My mom also wore a hat even though she is not a member of our church. The lady 3rd from the left in the back-she kept this hat all these years-it was from about the time of her confirmation. The gal on the end in the back-her mom had this hat in her closet. The lady holding the baby is not the mom of the girls-their mom refused to wear a hat. The lady holding the baby borrowed her hat from our 103 year old member of our church. The lady next to the baby, she is over 90 and she crawled behind her Christmas decorations to get her old hat. Her daughter refused to search in that little space in the closet under the stairs for more hats and still doesn't know how her mom got to that one that she wore. The lady in pink borrowed her hat-she looked lovely with her matching purse and suit and hat.
Another lady in our tri-parish who is over 90 was a little jealous that our church was doing this. She has tons of hats in her attic. Maybe the other two churches in our tri-parish will join in next year. The stories about hats that we heard while we were planning this were wonderful-the lady next to the baby said every fall she bought a new coat and a matching hat. Many talked about how things have changed since they would never have dreamed of going to church without a hat on their head to not even knowing where their hats are in their attics!

It was a fun Easter and I hope our church does this again!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

The best I could do to capture all 3 Lambs in the same photo. They got stickers in Sunday School that they put on their jackets.

I thought it would be better to take their photo when they were busy shaking hands with Ram. They are such boys that their shirts are totally untucked!

Ewe's parents, the Lambs, and Ewe. (squinting in the sun)

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Resurrection of our Lord

Easter brings both sadness and happiness especially because I will always think of my Grandma Frieda at Easter time. For as long as I can remember, she would make candy fondant in a bunch of colors and we would make tiny Easter eggs out of it. Then she would make cupcakes and color coconut green for grass and we would put our fondant eggs on those cupcakes. My Great Aunt Pauline often made a few kinds of pie for our holiday celebrations. Easter was special because we were "forced" to eat both pie and those cupcakes. I don't know how many dozen cupcakes Grandma made every Easter! Aunt Pauline also gave us Easter candy (Cadbury Creme eggs, chocolate marshmallow eggs, jelly beans). I've tried to continue this cupcake tradition with my boys but they don't have the patience to work with the fondant nor understand it is a several day project. Eventually they will love helping to make the cupcakes, but they need to be older.

Whether I'm thinking about Grandma Frieda or Aunt Pauline or you are thinking of a loved one that you lost recently, Easter is bittersweet. The assurance of knowing that our grandparents, Ram's brothers, our miscarried Lambs, and other loved ones and friends (insert whomever you are thinking of here) are celebrating a glorious Easter with our Savior and Lord in heaven is a great blessing. I pray that you and your families have the peace that passes all understanding. I am so thankful that I was able to take the Lord's Supper on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. During all of those times I thought of how I was taking the Lord's Supper along with the angels and the whole company of heaven including my loved ones in heaven. I am so thankful that Jesus rose from the dead to forgive my sins and grant me eternal life.

You can look forward this week to several photos from Holy Week while I tried not to post very much (including Lamb 3's birthday) and of course from Easter.

I will end with one of my favorite hymns to comfort me when I think of my loved ones that are celebrating Easter in heaven today.

Jesus lives! The victory's won! Death no longer can appall me;
Jesus lives! Death's reign is done!
From the grave will Christ recall me.
Brighter scenes will then commence; This shall be my confidence. (LSB 490)

HT: The idea for this post came from D. Raasch in the CUW alumni e-newsletter.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I wasn't going to post on my blog very much during Holy Week, but tomorrow is Lamb 3's birthday. Last year I posted his birth story here if you are interested. I also posted about how we celebrated his first birthday here. I was a little disappointed that his birthday is on Good Friday this year. I remember as a little girl the neighbor kids were Roman Catholic and I was surprised when I went over to play with them on Good Friday and their mother wouldn't let them come outside to play. I figured we didn't have church until the evening, why couldn't they come out and play? We plan to open presents tomorrow but celebrate with his birthday meal on April 3. His favorite food is clam sauce spaghetti (it really is-he eats 3 helpings!-thanks Susan for the recipe!) so we'll have that and of course cake and ice cream. Ewe's parents are here to help us celebrate. It is Lamb 3's golden birthday (2 on the 2nd of April).

Lamb 3 is not talking very much, but more than our other Lambs did at age 2. Tonight Lamb 3 watched as they stripped the altar at the Maundy Thursday service at church. After each candle was put out Lamb 3 said, "done". When the altar was completely bare, Lamb 3 yelled, "done" so loud that Ram heard him. Yes, Lamb 3, "It is finished."